FOR YOU - A New Bruce Springsteen Book
FOR YOU - A New Bruce Springsteen Book

Back Cover of For You - The Book


Bruce Springsteen photos


Bruce Springsteen photos


I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to, supported and purchased the Bruce Springsteen book, For You. Thanks to you it's been an incredible success and we are completely sold out.

I have really appreciated the personal messages that you have sent describing the hours of enjoyment you have derived from the incredible stories and photos contained within the pages of For You. I have also delighted in the positive and insightful reviews by fans and critics, who seem to understand that Bruce Springsteen, the musician and the man, has created a community that reaches far beyond the communal shared experience of his music. Your support is greatly appreciated.

New Limited Edition Book: THE LIGHT IN DARKNESS
Lawrence Kirsch Communications, publisher of the book For You, has published a new Bruce Springsteen book called The Light in Darkness. Just like Bruce Springsteen's The Promise box set, it focuses specifically on the Darkness on the Edge of Town album and tour. Like For You, this coffee table book features concert photography and stories from fans. Kirsch tells Backstreets magazine, "This tribute to Darkness is something special: more passionate stories, breathtaking never-seen-before photos, and some discovered artwork and memorabilia gems that will be of great interest to fans no matter when they were introduced to Bruce's music." To purchase the Light in Darkness, Click here: The Light in Darkness. The Perfect Gift for a Bruce Springsteen Fan!


Grazie per avere acquistato il libro di Springsteen, For You. Grazie a te e a tutti i fan di Bruce è stato un successo incredibile ed il libro è andato completamente esaurito.

Ho apprezzato molto tutti i messaggi che mi sono stati inviati e le belle recensioni che ho potuto leggere online. Grazie ancora per il vostro aiuto.

Continuate a visitare questo sito per un nuovo libro su Bruce Springsteen commemorativo di Darkness on The Edge of Town.


J'aimerais vous remercier de vous être procuré le livre For You de Bruce Springsteen. Grâce à vous, le projet s'est avéré être une réussite phénoménale, il a été vendu jusqu'au dernier exemplaire.

J'ai apprécié tous les messages personnels que vous m'avez fait parvenir et toutes les excellentes critiques concernant le livre que j'ai pu lire sur Internet. Votre soutien a été très apprécié.


Me gustaría dar las gracias a todos los que han colaborado, apoyado y comprado el libro "For You" de Bruce Springsteen. Gracias a vosotros ha tenido un éxito increíble y está prácticamente agotado.

He disfrutado con las críticas positivas y significativas de los fans y la prensa, quienes han entendido que Bruce Springsteen, el hombre y el músico, ha creado una comunidad que va más allá de la experiencia compartida de su música.

Agradezco profundamente tu apoyo.

Thank you,
Lawrence Kirsch


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